Sunday, November 1, 2015

Another Day Practising in my Gaynor Minden...

It has been awhile since I've posted in my blog, so wanted to
update it with some pictures of me practising for en pointe. I
have been regularly going to class on Wednesday and been
improving more and more as I go. It has still been a slow process, but can see myself getting better everytime I go. It isn't about being better than yourself, but to be better at what you do the next time you're either in class or on stage! Many people have asked, "Does it hurt being up en pointe?" I tell them, "Yes", but there is no better feeling of knowing you get when you pass that pain and the accomplishment you have for yourself to see yourself succeed! I still have a lot to improve on as far as technique to be that graceful ballerina that I have dreamed about since I was young, but it doesn't come overnight! It does come with the passion and discipline of ballet along with the dedicated practising as well!

So if you have a passion or dream for something you want to do or be, then I'm here to tell you, go for it! If you don't, then you'll just regret it, if you didn't try in the first place!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ballet Movies That Inspired Me!

1. Black Swan, 2. White Nights, 3. Billy Elliot
4. Ballerina, 5. Footloose, 6. Flashdance,
7. Center Stage Series

1. First Position, 2. The Company, 3. A Chorus Line,
4. Ballet Shoes, 5. The Red Shoes, 6. Turning Point,
7. Dirty Dancing

      The photos above are of ballet movies that I grew up with (most of them) and through their stories gave me the courage and inspired me as an adult to start taking classes and to follow my dreams. Even though I had the passion as a kid, which I mentioned in the beginning of my blog, I never followed that dream for the fear of being ridiculed for dancing, instead of doing sports. But by watching these movies, it showed me as long as I had the passion then you can go out and follow that dream! It may have taken me a long journey in life and a car accident to be able to finally find that courage. But I am finally following that dream to do ballet and not worry what other people think of me as I go to class. Since I started it has given me the happiness that I have been looking for! Many people regret for not starting something they are most passionate about and lose out on that happiness they are looking for! So I'm hear to say just go for it before you miss out!

The Nutcracker Ballet, 12/28/2014

    Even though the passion for ballet has been with me and now that I have started taking adult classes, it only gives me more appreciation for all the dancers and the hard work they put into all their performances! So I wanted to share a performance by the Miami City Ballet, "The Nutcracker", which was performed at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. I always try and see this ballet during the holiday to celebrate the season!

Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, Florida

A Christmas ornament from the Nutcracker Ballet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Exercises Outside of Ballet Class...

My pink flexi-stretch

                   Since starting ballet as an adult, it takes a little longer to get the flexibility back, so it helps to use alternate resources and try to find the time to practice in between busy schedules. With all the exercises we do in ballet class, I can't emphasize how much we need to keep up with our flexibility. So whenever I'm not in class, I try and use my flexi-stretch (shown above) to help with my flexibility, but I also use an exercise band to help with strengthening my arches, along with some DVDs I brought from Amazon. Some of the DVDs I have are in the photo below. Another resource I use are the exercises that Kathryn Morgan (former NYC Ballerina) has uploaded to YouTube to help when I'm not in class and practicing at home. I, also, use a Flex, Jr. This helps with my flexibility as well.
The DVDs in photo are: 1. Simply Ballet, 2. Ballet Class for Beginners w/ David Howard, 3. Ballet Class for Intermediate and Advanced w/ David Howard, 4. Ballet Beautiful - Classic 60 min. Workout, 5. Ballet Beautiful - Blast Series, 6. Ballet Conditioning, 7. Ballet Beautiful - Body Blast, 8. Ballet Beautiful - Total Body Workout, and 9. The Ballet Workout 1 & 2.
Flex, Jr.